The Lucky Ace affiliate program

Ace Partners affiliate program offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reporting. This reporting includes thorough statistic of conversion rates and clicks, which let affiliates optimise there site to generate more revenue. The Cost per acquisition is generous and lucrative. For a commissions to be paid the prospective recruit has to become a “money player”. Money player status is achieved, to put it simply once the player starts spending money. There are a few more money player criteria but this is the general gist of it. The first bracket for player commission is between 1 – 6 new recruits per month. This entitles the affiliate to $65 per recruit. It moves up in well-structured increments which are displayed on the 888 Casino website. That first example, was just included to show the reader that is quite a lucrative system.

There are two commission models. The progressive revenue share model and the standard cost per action, which is by far the more common method of affiliate marketing. The progressive revenue share model is not a hard concept to get one’s head around. Different spending amounts are given progressive brackets and as the affiliate’s recruit spends the affiliate is given a percentage of their total spending. For example, if customer A is referred by website B to Luck Ace Poker and customer A spends $400, Lucky Ace will share a percentage of this revenue with website B. The percentage that is shared is calculated, from the total figure of all the earnings, of all the recruits. Lucky Ace affiliate program and the 888 Poker program, unfortunately do not offer a hybrid model which allow affiliates to recruit players and continue profiting of them.

888 Poker recently announced they will be discontinuing the Lucky Ace Poker platform. They stopped accepting new members as of the 28th of December and have begun migrating customers to the main 888 Poker platform, before closing the platform once and for all. This might disappoint readers who took the time and effort to absorb all of the above information. But all is not lost, the players of Lucky Ace Poker have been looked after very well. 888 Poker powered Lucky Ace Poker and it is unlikely that they will just leave their affiliates hanging out to dry.

888 Poker has neglected to mention what they inform to do with the Lucky Ace Poker affiliate program but has gone above and beyond to cater for the player inconvenienced by the switching off 888 Poker is offering a fund transfer option to their platform, so player can move their remaining funds across the platform. With this kind of service, it will surely only be days before the emails go out to affiliates with their new 888 Poker promotional material. It will be interesting to see if they honour the revenue sharing brackets achieved on Lucky Ace Poker. What would be really nice is if 888 Poker came out and informed everyone, as to exactly what is happening and what they intend to do with Lucky Ace’s Affiliate program.

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Gambling Affiliate Programs in general

So what is it about anyways in 2016? You have a gambling website or know a lot of players yourself. This gives you a great chance to earn some extra cash. Sure, some people want to make it sound easy like you can do 12.999 a month with simply… Not gonna work. You need to realize that online gambling is very lucrative but hard to get started. You need some unique selling proposition in the first place. No matter if you approach players directly or through websites. When it comes to websites it will only work with a niche. Not something like “best online casino” kind of topics. You need something like these guys which is real money casino games with mobile phones. This is a very niche topic. Because they only cover “real money” which is already getting rid of all the free money apps and players. There’s no money to be made with those. Then they focus on mobile which is a completely different topic than desktop. Imagine playing roulette with your 4.7 screen vs. your 21 monitor. That’s a big difference. So these guys only care about these two things. Nothing else. That’s focus. That’s a USP.

There are so many niches and topics you can cover. It’s always worth it going for the “money” terms. Yes, with free or demo play you can drive a good amount of traffic but it may be worth nothing. Other lucrative topics are slot games or live dealer games because these two are usually bringing players that really want to play for money. Especially live dealer games.

And then you have the option to cover different locations like US, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Australia and so on. You can also do all of that from one site. Then you need different content for each region. Do you know why this matters? Because every region is different when it comes to preferred online casinos and legislation. Especially the US is tricky. UK is well regulated and lots of other markets like Australia really aren’t. So gambling there is not really legal but also not illegal. Some casinos are pulling out of this market others aren’t. A good example for a site that is doing just that and launched a US focused site is Classycoin-casino. They focus on real money casinos for US players. Again, there you have it. US players + real money. That’s the focus.

There’s no way around this. But you have to be creative. Once anybody tries to conquer such a niche there’s not enough room left for profitable affiliate marketing.